On the 27th of February 2022, a ground-breaking event took place in the vibrant music scene of Ghana. The Acapella Association of Ghana (ACAG) was formed, with the visionary leadership of Ebenezer Crassie, widely known as Oshogbo, as its first president. With a dynamic team including Eric Kojo Amoani as vice president, Solomon Amo-Boateng as General secretary, and Prince Ansah Kyei as Treasurer, the ACAG aims to transform the face of Ghanaian music and provide its members with solid commercial value. This article explores the inception of ACAG, the talented groups associated with it, and the promising future it holds.

The Birth of ACAG

The formation of ACAG marks a significant milestone in the Ghanaian music industry. Under the leadership of Ebenezer Crassie, a highly respected figure in the acapella community, the association was established to promote and advance the art of acapella music in Ghana. The founding members recognized the immense talent within the country and envisioned a platform that would harness this potential and provide artists with greater opportunities for success.

Executive Leadership Roles

At the helm of ACAG is President Ebenezer Crassie (Oshogbo), whose passion for acapella music has been instrumental in driving the association forward. His experience, expertise, and dedication are invaluable in guiding ACAG towards its goals. Alongside him, Eric Kojo Amoani assumes the role of vice president, bringing with him a wealth of industry knowledge and a strong network of connections. Solomon Amo-Boateng, as general secretary, ensures the smooth operation of ACAG,  facilitating Communication and Organizing events. Lastly, Prince Ansah Kyei serves as Treasurer, responsible for managing the association’s finances and resources.

The Path to Success

ACAG’s mission is to elevate acapella music in  Ghana to new heights and provide its members with solid commercial value.   The association aims to achieve this by organizing regular concerts, workshops, and training sessions to nurture and refine the skills of its members. Additionally, ACAG seeks to secure international tours for its member groups, enabling them to showcase their talents to a global audience and expand their fan base.

Support from Mr. Okraku Mante:

The Acapella Association of Ghana has received significant support from Mr. Okraku Mante, the Deputy Minister for Arts and Culture. His backing adds credibility and governmental support to the association’s endeavors. With his guidance and influence, the ACAG is in a strong position to collaborate with local state functions, participate in cultural events, and further promote the acapella genre across Ghana.


The formation of the Acapella Association of Ghana marks a new chapter in the Ghanaian music industry. Under the leadership of Ebenezer Crassie as its president, and with the support of Kojo Amoani, Solomon Amo-Boateng, and Prince Ansah Kyei, the ACAG is set to transform acapella music in Ghana. With the remarkable talent of groups like Alabaster Box, SoulStreet, Statesmen, Sons of God (SOG), Rebirth7, and GraceNotes Acappella Incorporated. Our doors are open for other acapella groups to join the ACAG “train”.